Insurance and Payment

we accept most medical insurance plansWe strive to keep our fees as reasonable as possible and still provide high quality health care to you and your family.
At Table Rock Family Medicine we strive to keep all our fees as reasonable as possible and still provide quality health care to you. To accomplish this, payment is expected at time of service. If there are unusual circumstances which prohibit this, our collection personnel will discuss your circumstances and make arrangements for timely payments.

If you are covered under an insurance plan that we are contracted with (see below) you will be expected to pay any applicable copayments and deductibles at the time of service.

We file all claims to insurance companies on a timely basis even if we are considered a non-participating provider. Our insurance staff is trained to file and follow up on your insurance coverage and to answer any questions you might have. Please remember that your health insurance is a contact made between your insurance company and you, not between your insurance company and your physician.
we accept Visa and Mastercard
For your convenience we accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards

Insurance Accepted (Some companies may not be listed)


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